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What To Expect

Initial Assessments and initial treatment £60

Initial assessments are 45 mins (including paperwork) and involve a thorough discussion with the Physiotherapist to truly understand the nature of your problems and the goals you wish to achieve.

This appointment also includes: a physical examination; comprehensive explanation of the problems identified; a plan to restore you back to full function and first treatment. 


Follow up appointments £50

Follow up Physio sessions are 30 mins and involve continued assessment of your progress, bespoke treatments and guidance to reach your full potential.

​We are recognised by all major medical insurance companies including BUPA, AVIVA, AXA, WHA


What To Wear

To assess you properly we need to be able to examine the body part thoroughly.  This may mean undressing appropriately. For neck, shoulder and elbow conditions you may feel more comfortable wearing a vest top. For lower back, hip, knee or ankle conditions you may be more comfortable wearing some shorts.

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